Thistle lamp

  1. Thistle paper origami lamp white

    Thistle paper origami lamp white

    The Thistle light design is the result of new inspirations and an interest finding new ways of folding that are inspired by origami techniques. The first new folding technique that has been used, is a combination of origami folding and paper cutting.

    The shape of the Thistle lamp is curved, but at the same time the papercuts create a pointy appearance.
    The lamp has straight folds that are made into a curve by the papercuts. This creates a classic shape with a surprising lighting effect.

    The delicate papercuts create a sparkling light play and a feeling of transparency.

    The lamp arrives flat-folded and needs to be assembled by you.

    The dimensions of this lamp are:
    -60 cm height;
    -50 cm diameter.

    Designed by Kenneth and Nellianna

    delivery time: 2 weeks

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