General terms and conditions
Studio Snowpuppe VOF

Applicability of the general terms and conditions
1.1 The customer accepts the general terms and conditions of Studio Snowpuppe by placing an order at the webshop. Studio Snowpuppe is entitled to adjust the terms and conditions at any time. We can not be held responsible for damages caused by errors in the general terms and conditions text.

Offers and agreements
2.1 Offers or quotations should be regarded as an invitation to the potential buyer to make an offer. Studio Snowpuppe is in no way bound such matters, unless explicitly confirmed in writing. Acceptation of the invitation by the potential buyer to make an offer counts as a valid offer and leads only to an agreement in case of fulfilment of the following aspects of this article.

An offer from the potential buyer as mentioned in article 2.1 is made when:
• the potential buyer has entered his personal data on the website and the data has been sent electronically to Studio Snowpuppe and received by Studio Snowpuppe;
• the potential buyer explicitly indicated the desire, by telephone, to receive a certain product and/or service; 
• a quotation is signed by the buyer and received by Studio Snowpuppein case Studio Snowpuppe issued a personalised quotation. 

Delivery, prices and transport
3.1 All prices are including VAT and excluding shipping costs. The shipping costs are mentioned during the order confirmation in the check out page.

3.2 The prices and delivery conditions mentioned in an order are valid for 30 days.

3.3 Studio Snowpuppe is entitled to deliver your order in different shipments. In case your order is delivered in different shipment you will be informed about this.

3.4 The buyer bears the risks of transportation from the moment of delivery. Studio Snowpuppe is responsible for the transportation up to the moment of delivery.

Payment conditions
4.1 The customer pays the amount mentioned on the order confirmation. In case of a bank transfer payment, the amount needs to be transfered to our account within 10 days counting from the order date.

Delivery times
5.1 The delivery times that are mentioned by Studio Snowpuppe are indicative. If your order takes longer to deliver, Studio Snowpuppe can not be held responsible for this.

5.2 The mentioned delivery times count from the moment that your payment has been received by Studio Snowpuppe. 

5.3 If your package has not been delivered within 30 days, please contact us. In that case there is probably a problem with the mail delivery. 

Revoke rights
6.1 The customer is entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 working days counting from the date of receiving the order. In case of a cancellation, the customer needs to send an email or letter to Studio Snowpuppe. Also, the customer will need to return the package with the ordered products in original and undamaged condition to Studio Snowpuppe. 
The order amount will be refunded by Studio Snowpuppe within 10 working days counting from the date of receivement of the returned order. The shipping costs for returning the package are payed by the customer. The customer is responsible for the condition in which the package arrives at Studio Snowpuppe. 

6.2 Studio Snowpuppe is entitled to refuse returned products or refund a part of the order amount in case of any damage to the package.

Garanty and complaints
7.1 The customer needs to report any missing products or any damages to Studio Snowpuppe within 24 hours after receiving the package.

7.2 In case of any complaints the customer needs to report the complaint to Studio Snowpuppe within 10 working days.

7.3 The customer needs to check the delivered products at the moment of delivery.

7.4 Returning an order is only allowed after Studio Snowpuppe has given permission to do so. Studio Snowpuppe will provide shipping instructions.

7.5 It is possible to send your complaint by email or by mail.
Studio Snowpuppe VOF, Binckhorstlaan 36, 2516 BE The Hague, The Netherlands or 

Intellectual property rights
8.1 The buyer explicitly acknowledges that all intellectual or industrial property rights relating to the products to be delivered pursuant to the agreement and or associated designs, documentation, reports, offers and associated preparatory material lie exclusively with Studio Snowpuppe, suppliers or other entitled parties.

8.2 Intellectual property rights include patents, copyrights, trademarks and other (intellectual property) rights, including technical and commercial know-how, methods and concepts.

8.3 The buyer is not allowed to modify any intellectual property rights as described in this article, for instance multiplication without explicit written approval from Studio Snowpuppe, its suppliers or other entitled parties. 


9.1 Studio Snowpuppe provides the customer with clear user instructions by clear texts on the website and a user instruction in the order. Studio Snowpuppe can not be held responsible for damages caused by using our products in a different way than described in the user instructions. For example, when the customer uses an incandescent lightbulb instead of an energy saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb.

9.2 Studio Snowpuppe can not be held responsible for any personal or financial damages caused by any electrical components that are delivered with your order. 

9.3 Studio Snowpuppe can not be held responsible for any personal or financial damages caused by any electrical component that you bought from another supplier.

10.1 Studio Snowpuppe will process the personal data of the buyer in accordance with her privacy statement, which is included in the website.  Studio Snowpuppe fully respects the applicable laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal data.

11.1 The ownership of the goods, whether handled or unhandled, is transferred to the contracting party at the moment that the buyer pays Studio Snowpuppe the full amounts payable pursuant to the agreement, including interest, costs and damages from products and/or services from this order, previous orders and future orders.


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